Chuck and Blair quotes

Someone asked for Chair quotes, and here it is, a list! I tried my best to include as many quotes as I can think of at the moment. If I have missed anything, just tell me and I’ll add it. ;)

season 1

"You look ravishing. If I were your man, I wouldn’t need clues to find you." (1.06)

"You were amazing up there." (1.07)

"Are you sure?" (1.07)

"How do you think I feel? I haven’t slept, I feel sick; like there’s something in my stomach… fluttering." (1.08)

"Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty." (1.08)

"In the face of true love, you don’t just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to." (1.18)

"You don’t belong with Nate. Never have, never will." (1.18)

season 2

"I’ll see you at school." (2.01)

"Three words, eight letters. Say it, and I’m yours." (2.01)

"We’re inevitable, Waldorf." (2.07)

"Eight letters, three syllables. Say it, and I’m yours" (2.07)

"Maybe in the future." (2.08)

"But I am me, and you are you. We’re Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you’ve ever done, the darkest thought you ever had, I will stand by you through anything. Because I love you" (2.13)

"I do. Don’t you understand? I’ll always be here. I don’t want you going anywhere, I couldn’t bare it. So whatever you want to do to yourself, please don’t do that to me." (2.14)

I mean, it’s stupid for you to want her to be anything other than who she is" (2.21)

"Because I love her. And I can’t make her happy." (2.23)

"I love you too." (2.25)

season 3

"I want you to be happy. However that’s achieved." (3.01)

"I am not Chuck Bass without you." (3.01)

"You okay?" "I am now." (3.02)

"The next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf, remember I’m Chuck Bass. And I love you" (3.04)

"Love me?" "Always." (3.06)

"I have you. That’s all I need" (3.08)

"My father always thought I was weak. And in the moment that mattered most I was. I couldn’t be there when he … I left. Right away. I’ve been pushing myself to prove him wrong, and pushing you away."
“I don’t think you ran away because you couldn’t handle death. I think it’s because you couldn’t handle feelings. You’re not like that anymore. You’re strong. You carry people. You carry me. You’re becoming a man in a way that your father never was. Come. Let’s say goodbye.” (3.12)

"I love you, Chuck, and I’ll always be your family." (3.13)

"Blair, you and I are magnetic. You can feel it. Our pull is as undeniable as ever." (3.18)

"I’ve never thought it was possible to love someone too much, but maybe it is." (3.18)

"Chuck is a part of me. He’ll always be." (3.19)

"I did the most dangerous thing I could when I said I love you, and It was worth it." (3.21)

"I followed my heart because I love you. I can’t deny that our path has been complicated, but in the end love makes everything simple." (3.22)

season 4

"I lost the only thing I ever cared about. They can have everything else." (4.02)

"I destroyed the only thing I ever loved." (4.02)

"It wouldn’t be my world without you in it." (4.02)

"You two used to be in love. And together you were invincible but now that you’ve turned against each other, it’s just a matter of time before your mutual destruction." (4.06)

"What do you say we go up in flames together?" (4.09)

"If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back." (4.09)

"The only thing that has ever been real is me and you." (4.20)

"What we have is a great love. It’s complicated. Intense. All-consuming. No matter what we do and how much we fight, it’ll always pull us in." (4.22)

"Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful. You’re the most powerful woman I know." (4.22)

"I will always love you." (4.22)

season 5

"Is being dead that much worse than being nothing?" (5.02)

"There was a part of me that really wanted it to be yours." (5.03)

"Don’t give up on your own fact over someone else’s fiction." (5.04)

"I’m sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you. I’m sorry for not waiting longer at the Empire State Building. I’m sorry for treating you like property. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew I did. But most of all, I’m sorry for giving up on us when you never did." (5.06)

"It’s why you’re gonna be an amazing mother. You’re always there for the people you love, even when they don’t deserve it." (5.06)

"You never pulled me into the dark side, Blair. You were the lightest thing that ever came into my life. I only turned dark and desperate because I was afraid of losing you. Your love kept me alive." (5.09)

"I only want you to be happy. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me." (5.09)
"You still love her?" "I can’t imagine the day I won’t." (5.09)

"Because I’m going to love your baby as much as I love you." (5.10)

"You are all I ever wanted. I love you. I love every part of you." (5.10)

"I couldn’t tell Louis that he would never lose me because it’s true. You’re the one I never want to leave." (5.10)

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